You can email us at

Supporting your claim:

  • Photographs – The easiest way for us to understand the damage is for us to see it. Photographs are the best way to help us deal with your claim, as such, we will always ask for photographs of the damage.
  • Crime Reference Number – If the claim is a result of theft, malicious damage or any other crime you have suffered, you will need to contact the police first. Not only will they need to investigate the crime, they will also need to issue you with a crime reference number. You will need this number before you can proceed with a claim on your insurance.
  • Estimates – Your claims team can organise our suppliers to carry out repairs and works where necessary, or if you prefer, you can ask a local contractor to provide an estimate. Wherever possible, we try to only ask for one estimate for the repair works (we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to obtain an estimate). It is vital that any estimate contains as much information as possible about the works being done – remember to include the measurements of the rooms affected.

Settling your claim:

Once we have agreed an estimate, we can settle the claim. We will send you a cheque, made payable to your contractor. This way, you can hold on to the money until they have completed the works to your satisfaction. If you are using one of the Insurers suppliers then they will deal with the invoices directly.

There is an excess applicable to most claims. Whether you use a contractor of your own choice or use one of our suppliers, Insurers will deduct the excess from the first payment we issue. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for payment of the excess to the contractor.

Your Insurance Company will stay in touch with you throughout the claim, ensuring that it is reviewed regularly and concluded as soon as possible.

Any other type of claim:

If you wish to notify us of any other type of claim or require additional information relating to previous claims, please email us at or call us on 0207 993 3034.


If you have an out-of-hours incident or if you prefer to notify your insurer directly, please use the direct telephone numbers below, along with leaflets on how to make a claim for each insurer:

For ARGO Claims Department, call 01908 302 214 – ARGO – Information required to help you make a claim

For Aviva Claims Department, call 0800 015 1498

For RSA Claims Department, call 0345 075 5162 – RSA – Information required to help you make a claim

For Ageas Insurance Claims Department, call 0345 122 3283 – Ageas – Information required to help you make a claim

For Brit Syndicate Claims Department, call 01908 302 214 – BRIT – Information required to help you make a claim