How to control water damage in your block

Risk Management is the key to reducing water damage claims and also to maintaining or reducing your insurance premium. Water damage
accounts for around 70% of insurance claims in flats and apartments. Water damage generally occurs following poor maintenance
leading to corrosion of internal and external pipework, leakage of copper pipe or failure of plastic pipe joints, poor maintenance of
seals around bath and shower areas, and accidental damage to hidden pipes.

How to reduce the risk of water damage from pipework:

  • Ensure all pipes and tanks are well insulated
  • Ensure regular checks on pipework are carried out as part of a planned preventative maintenance programme
  • Advise all flat owners on what to do in the event of a leak and how to isolate their water supply or shut down central heating
    systems etc
  • Make sure all flat owners know where their stop cocks are located and are accessible and easily turned
  • Ensure appliance inlet and outlet fittings are checked annually
  • Replace damaged or worn collar seals on washing machines and dishwashers
  • Replace washers in leaking taps and overflowing cisterns when discovered


  • Ensure overflow pipes can release water effectively
  • Check that the seal around your bath and/or shower is water tight
  • Don’t let your bath to overflow!
  • Make sure plugs are not in the drain holes when not in use

Also, use approved contractors when maintenance, repairs or replacement works are carried out.

For additional information contact the London Flats Insurance Team on 0207 993 3034.

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