Lift Inspection and Insurance

Sinead Campbell of London Flats Insurance reminds us of having lift inspection and insurance in place for your block.

Looking after a property with a lift brings with it another layer of responsibility to your residents. For some, the lift will be an expected convenience factored into their service charges and for others it will be much more than that- for some residents, it will be a lifeline and the only way they can get out into the world and back again.

Keeping your lift working day after day means looking after it. Part of that means fulfilling your legal requirement to have all lifts (including passenger lifts, window cleaning hoists and winches fixed to the roof of the property) inspected by a competent authority every 6 months as well as complying with any necessary maintenance recommended as a result of those inspections.

The Importance of Lift Maintenance

Not only is it your legal duty to ensure your lifts are inspected by a competent person every 6 months (see the Health & Safety Executive website for more information), but it’s also vital for safety and happiness of your residents. It’s also paramount in terms of your insurance.

Your general buildings policy will insure your lift in the event of damage caused through ‘insured perils’ such as fire, accidental damage or malicious damage, but this cover does not extend to general breakdowns or maintenance works.

Your twice-annual inspections and any maintenance works suggested by your competent person are the key to warding off any catastrophic breakdowns and therefore any unexpected costs.

How We Can Help

You can protect yourself from falling short of your requirements and from unexpected costs caused by sudden breakdowns by taking out our Lift Inspection and Insurance Cover; specially designed to plug the gap between your buildings insurance policy and necessary lift repairs.

We have negotiated some very competitive solutions with Allianz, Aviva and British Engineering and offer more than other lift insurance companies. When you work with us, you’ll get a fantastic range of benefits, gold-standard customer service and a policy that you can truly rely on.

Lift Insurance vs Lift Inspection Cover

We offer our Lift Insurance and Lift Inspection cover separately, so you can choose to take out either or both, depending on the needs of your block. Both products are 12 months long and are provided at the most competitive prices we can find.

Our Lift Insurance policy (also known as Machinery Breakdown Insurance) provides cover for the failure of many building services including lifts, communal boilers and electronic machinery such as automatic doors. Cover starts from as little as £112.00 a year including Insurance Premium Tax.

You must maintain, test and inspect items in accordance with statutory and manufacturers’ requirements; any claims are subject to your policy excess.

Product details are below:

  • Underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited
  • Limit of Indemnity: £250,000
  • Subject to an excess of £100
  • One or two lifts from: £112.00 per year

According to government health and safety regulations, anybody who manages a block of flats or apartments has a legal liability to ensure their passenger lift undergoes a formal lift inspection by a competent authority every 6 months.

Our Lift Inspection Cover enables you to fulfil your legal obligations when it comes to lift inspections for your block. Inspections are available with a range of market-leading providers and the costs including VAT are detailed below:

  • One lift from: £330.00 per year
  • Two lifts from: £519.64 per year

Note: The figures quoted here are for lifts servicing up to four floors- if you need a quote for more than four floors, please give us a call on the details below.

To obtain cover, please contact us with your postcode, the number of lifts and the number of floors your property has or head to our online quotation page.

To discuss all of our services, call our team at London Flats Insurance on020 7993 3034 or

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