Even if you live in the quietest rural area and think your block of flats or apartments is never likely to be a target for terrorists, however please think again. Most places that have suffered in the past have not expected to be a target.

Although tempting, isn’t it, when arranging renewal of your residential buildings insurance, to leave out terrorism cover to save a few pounds. After all how could your property possibly be at serious risk of being a target for terrorist attack?!

Your building may not be a target but individual residents could be threatened if for example they are employed by a laboratory that uses animals for medical testing purposes. Or you could be living next door to a bomb maker – he or she wouldn’t exactly advertise the fact. A standard buildings insurance policy will not provide cover for a terrorist attack.

However unlikely it might appear, if an incident did occur and there was no insurance in place, the RMC directors could be held responsible. Don’t forget that directors have personal responsibility for their decisions and actions within the Residents Management Company. Taking out suitable cover is a small price to pay in comparison to risking yours and your neighbour’s personal assets.

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