The path to finding the right insurance policy can often be complicated and ensuring you have the correct level for your block is crucial. By choosing the right intermediary or broker to locate an appropriate level of will protect you from all possible risks.

An intermediary or broker acts as the most significant stepping stone between you and the most comprehensive protection on the market – it’s their job to find it for you. Without the help of a broker, you could be exposing yourself to hidden difficulties, extreme costs and an insurance policy that isn’t suitable for your needs.

A knowledgeable intermediary or insurance broker will have both the expertise and the experience to understand exactly what you need and will go above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service alongside the most suitable policy available

What will a broker do for you?

Your brokers job is to help you through the entire process, right until the end of your insurance term (and even then, they’ll help you with your policy renewal). As an overview, your intermediary or broker will assess the cover your property needs, search the market for the most suitable cover, compare prices, negotiate on the cover and premium, collect premiums and assist with the claims process.

An independent intermediary or broker can work for a multitude of insurance companies and match you up with the most suitable policy from their range. Brokers will have a duty of care to their client first and will truly act in their best interests.

The experience and expertise of an insurance intermediary or broker often makes them the most trusted people in the insurance industry. With the client’s best interests at heart, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the most trustworthy service on the market.

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