asking for a deposit

Are you still asking your tenants for a deposit?

With Deposit & Rent you never need to ask for a deposit again, but still have the same level of protection. Across the insurance industry, it now seems that the deposit system is becoming a thing of the past. If you consider the statistics, this is hardly surprising. Before June, the standard cost of a

Control water damage in your block

How to control water damage in your block Risk Management is the key to reducing water damage claims and also to maintaining or reducing your insurance premium. Water damage accounts for around 70% of insurance claims in flats and apartments. Water damage generally occurs following poor maintenance leading to corrosion of internal and external pipework, leakage of copper

For Freeholders & Developers

For Freeholders & Developers Being a freeholder or developer has ominous responsibilities… making sure you and your property are insured adequately plus ensuring your owners and residents are safe and protected. Whether you have one block or many making sure you locate the most comprehensive cover is important.     Many standard policy wordings will

For Property Managing Agents

For Property Managing Agents Property Managers are often time poor? London Flats Insurance provide a dedicated underwriter to assist you with taking the pressure off you that organising your insurance often creates? We provide at least three quotes, we can include commission and we can provide a fully comprehensive service to take the risk and

For RMC’s

For Residents’ Management Companies The needs of your block are very specific to your property. The team at London Flats Insurance have over two hundred years of experience in placing flats insurance for properties all over London. Our knowledge of the needs of your block… whether a house converted in to flats, a brand new